Some basic advice on How to Take Care of a Dog
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Some basic advice on How to Take Care of a Dog

If you plan to keep dogs to be your pet, you should have a huge commitment and responsibilities. There are multiple aspects you should consider taking care of them.

Whether it is your first four-legged mate or your 14th, make sure you are on the right path in caring for them. The following are a compilation of some important things about how to take care of dogs.

Some basic advice on How to Take Care of a Dog
Some basic advice on How to Take Care of a Dog


As a pet, your dogs require a shelter with a clean, safe, and comfortable environment. This shelter should fulfill their behavioral and physiological needs. It includes having a path to the outdoor backyard area.

When you build a dog shelter, you should consider protecting against extreme weather. It must be safe from the extreme weather. Prepare a well-built, weatherproof, well-furnished kennel. Besides, you have to make sure the warmth of their blanket and the cleanliness of their bedding.

You may decide if your dog indicates that they want to sleep inside. However, you have to make sure that you don’t leave your dog with children unsupervised.


Nutrition also takes an important role. Dogs need a properly balanced diet that is fit for their necessities. You should consider their size, age, as well as any health conditions.

Choose a commercial food with high-quality nutrition. Additionally, you can offer natural foods to balance the diet. Natural foods contain raw meat, fruits, and veggies. You have to be sure about your dogs that will have enough quantity of clean water.

Some basic advice on How to Take Care of a Dog
Some basic advice on How to Take Care of a Dog

Training, Exercise, and Play

It is essential to socialize and train your dog. The owner should be proactive in this step. For puppies, aged 3-17 weeks is a critical socialization period.

You can take your puppies to meet with the puppies or dogs of your friends or family. Ensure that they are friendly. These training methods should be on positive support. Don’t use physical punishment or aversion therapy in this training.

Additionally, your dogs need regular exercise minimum once a day. You can form an exercise that includes walks, runs, and plays. This activity should be under the supervision and control of the owner.

Remember not to exercise your dogs immediately before or after eating. It can cause problems such as bloat.

Bathing and Grooming

Regular grooming is essential for your dogs especially if you have long-haired breeds. You had better set this habit earlier.

By grooming, your dogs are free from dust, grass seeds, dead skin, loose hairs, and tangles. It reduces the amount of fur shed too.

Bath your dogs regularly using their prepared shampoo. Bathing helps to control fleas.

Veterinary care

Aside from the above mentioned, your dogs need seasonal visits to the vet. It is necessary for vaccinations, boosters, and general health checks as well.

You can consult with the vet and asking for their advice too. You can ask for a solution about how to remove flea, tick, or worm prevention.