The Basic Commands Every Dog Should Know
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The Basic Commands Every Dog Should Know

Are you planning to adopt a dog? Is it your first time adopting a dog? Do you think of how to train them? Aside from giving a portion of good food and socialization, your dog requires basic training as well.

In the beginning, dog training might seem pretty overwhelming. It is essential and becomes an important project.

Before you start with the training, the following are the lists of dogs basic commands you should know.

The Basic Commands Every Dog Should Know
The Basic Commands Every Dog Should Know
  1. Sit

It is the primary command and the first command you will teach to your dog. This command is the easiest to teach. By learning this command, your dog will show you how their response to training.

You can begin by putting a treat near his nose. Then, slowly raising the treat away at a point. You will see that he will lower their thigh until he is in the seated posture.

You can say “sit” to him and give him a treat as a reward. Repeat this training until he understands this command.


  1. Down

This command is simple but practical. You can say “down” to ask dogs for laying down. It is a useful command for all dogs, mainly for species of large dogs.

It is a more challenging command to train. You can start by placing a delicious-smelling treat in a folded fist. Let your dog sniff the smell. Next, move your fist to the ground the same as your dog comes to the ground. Once a dog passes this training, you can say the command.


  1. Stay

This command is also important. It is useful for a dog when he is outside or off-leash. After you train him with the sit command, you can prepare this command.

Doing this, it needs a little effort. You don’t need to worry because it takes a while for a dog to understand it. You can start with a few steps. Don’t forget to reward him with a treat when they master this skill.

The Basic Commands Every Dog Should Know
The Basic Commands Every Dog Should Know
  1. Come

It is another essential command. Teaching your dog with this command is a priority for you as a dog owner. So, your dog will respond whenever you call him.

Let start this training by putting your dog at a distance. While holding a treat, say “come” command to call a dog towards you. Remember to guide him to come in your direction. If they arrive, you can acknowledge their brilliance by feeding them the treat.


  1. Leave it. 

A curios dog will try to find attracting objects wherever he goes hokijoss. Thus, this command can save your dog from his curiosity. You can teach him to leave any treasure that he gets.

You can begin the learning by keeping a treat in both hands. You can put your hands closer to his face and ask him to smell it. At first, your dog will sniff and even lick it. He might be barking as well. However, he might lose his interest in the object too.